July 20, 2010


A colaboration with Acebo x Alonso architects during my proffesional trainee with them.

Zona Franca Gran Via was their proposal for the exposition "100 años de Gran Via" exposed in Telefonica building located in Madrid. Their work was generating a very interesting reinterpretation for the main use of Gran Via, along a law they explain the main actuations for creating a free trade zone in Gran Via. This law was redacted in a text and supported by some INCREDIBLE drawings.

So in the exposition they had two main spaces for explaining their actuation. One of them was a 2 x 2 m pannel with this axonometric view of ZFGV and the other one is the one I worked on.

Angel and Victoria wanted a very visual and lo-tech artefact that represents some of the actuations in a random order.

After a few weeks of thinking and searching, we decided to create a machine with some picture frames that simultaneously show the pictures. With two power supplys, some cable, a few of elechtronic components and after a good amount of hand work. We had a few burn injuries on our hands and a great expositive artefact: