October 13, 2011


End of Degree project

An investigation about new analysis / representation / design generation methods (digital ones) for spatial creation. I started the PFC (end degree project) thinking in the way of doing a personal reflection about what was going to be my proffesional orientation, so my interests in that momment were introduce the new digital ways of creating architecture to a traditional programme in an historical city.

Then, thinking in the programme and subjective parametres like relevance of water for Istanbul, started this investigation, about geometry, reoresentation, analysis, etc.

Finally, the project is a re-reintrepetation of some spatial investigations (Uzton + Kiesler) of the sixties with the newest language in architecture.

INPUT parametres: city / spatial investigation / programme / metaball eq / algorithm

 final design development: 3 spatial concrete mesh

thermal analysis: temperature radiation

topographic treatament of the meshes

* with the collaboration of Nicolas Gutierrez